SecureDrop User Research: Call for Participation

David Huerta and training participants

We want to make SecureDrop a better tool for journalists. To do so, we need your help.

We are inviting journalist users of SecureDrop to participate in 30-45 minute remote usability research sessions. If you are open to participating, please complete the quick survey below.

Since 2013, Freedom of the Press Foundation has stewarded the development of SecureDrop, a free and open-source tool used by more than 75 media organizations to securely communicate with anonymous sources.

Now more than ever the world depends upon your courageous journalism. Thank you for your work! We would love to hear from you.

Privacy Disclosure: Survey responses are never shared with a third party. Research findings are fully anonymized, and only the researcher and members of the Freedom of The Press Foundation staff will ever see the results of this survey. Your privacy and safety are our highest priorities.