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Be sure that the .onion address provided on Public Intelligence’s landing page below matches z4gd5t2g6u6kqeqjeddvmvlhhjtjgslg4elh4ztnct7snskcd7phbiyd.onion before continuing. This helps ensure you are visiting a legitimate SecureDrop instance. See our Source Guide for more information on SecureDrop usage and risks.

If you encounter a mismatch, make sure to report an error here. This could be evidence of an attempted attack, or it could be a simple failure to communicate between an organization running SecureDrop and Freedom of the Press Foundation. In either case, we will investigate the matter and establish a path to resolution.

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This SecureDrop landing page includes a clickable link to a Tor Onion Service (.onion address). Any attempt to visit such a link in a regular browser will fail, but it may be detected by third parties.

We recommend only visiting this SecureDrop landing page using the Tor browser.

Public Intelligence’s landing page
Public Intelligence is a collaborative project to defend the public's right to information.
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