We provide on-site training for journalists and administrators on the SecureDrop platform.

Our trainers offer on-site training services for newsrooms deploying SecureDrop, as well as general digital security workshops for journalists of all stripes. If you are interested in arranging an on-site SecureDrop training series with our trainers, or have inquiries about our digital security offerings and resources, please contact us.

Our SecureDrop training series includes the three distinct workshops. You’ll find a high-level overview of the topics covered in each component below.

Day 1 — All-Staff Digital Security 101 Training

  • Threat modeling fundamentals
  • Account security (password managers, 2FA, etc.)
  • Browsing the web and conducting high-risk research securely
  • Secure communications and source protection

Day 2 — SecureDrop Administrator Training

  • Demonstration and status check of the install from the journalist and source perspectives
  • Preparing accounts for the journalists on the Journalist Interface
  • Provisioning Workstations for the journalists
  • Deep dive into Admin responsibilities and long-term project best practices

Day 3 — SecureDrop Journalist Training

  • Introduction to SecureDrop and the Tails OS, core uses and tools
  • Lecture on the different hardware components of the SD setup
  • End-to-end experience of the submission workflow
  • Secure communication strategies with sources and teams
  • Legal rights and document metadata considerations
Planning a SecureDrop training yourself? The SecureDrop documentation covers many of the above topics.