To facilitate the process of including your SecureDrop instance in our directory and providing future support, please complete and submit the following form, especially if you have set up SecureDrop without Freedom of the Press Foundation's involvement.

Contact information for SecureDrop users and admins (Private)

The primary method of contact between Freedom of the Press Foundation staff and the designated contacts with your organization will be through our Redmine ticketing system. For secondary communications, GPG-encrypted e-mail, Jabber with OTR (Off The Record) encryption for IM and Signal for voice may be used.

Primary administrator in charge of SecureDrop

Primary journalist using SecureDrop

Instance Verification Agreement (Public)

Please note that this form is not legally binding and that we are trusting you to fill it out honestly. It is self-reported and not remotely enforced. The sole purpose is to ensure SecureDrop best practices are being followed so that sources can have confidence in your security. Contact us if you are not sure or if have any other questions.

Landing Page Best Practices

Please indicate below if your site is meeting the SecureDrop landing page best practices, which can be found here.


Please indicate if you have followed each of the below directions for the physical set-up of the SecureDrop hardware and environment:

Uptime Monitoring

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