Release Announcement

SecureDrop 0.3.8 released

June 23, 2016

Today we are announcing the release of SecureDrop 0.3.8, to fix a regression in 0.3.7 where a dependency of SecureDrop's Python web application was mistakenly removed from the list of dependencies. This regression did not impact already running production instances, but it prevented the successful installation of new SecureDrop 0.3.7 instances. The issue is fixed in 0.3.8 and new installations are working again. Additionally, we have reviewed our development and release QA procedures, and made changes to ensure similar regressions will be caught in the future.

This update is not expected to impact already running instances (other than bumping the version number displayed on the web interfaces).

If you have any questions, or experience difficulties with this upgrade, please open an issue on our support site.

Development for this release was tracked on the 0.3.8 milestone on GitHub.

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