Release Announcement

SecureDrop 0.4 Released

July 25, 2017

Today we are announcing the release of SecureDrop 0.4.

This release:

  • Adds a new securedrop-admin script for administrators to use to configure, install, backup, and restore a SecureDrop instance
  • Supports an optional HTTPS deployment on the SecureDrop source interface
  • Enables administrators to configure a custom daily reboot time
  • Adds a unread icon on the journalist interface to indicate which items in the individual source view are new
  • Source and journalist interface UI/UX updates
  • Documentation updates and miscellaneous bugfixes

For full details, see the changelog. Development for this release was tracked on the 0.4 milestone on GitHub.

What Administrators Need To Do

  • The SecureDrop application and monitor servers will upgrade automatically within the next 24 hours.
  • Administrators should upgrade all Tails drives to Tails 3 following our Tails 3 upgrade guide.
  • Administrators should follow the instructions here to update their Administrator and Journalist drives for 0.4.

If you have any questions, or experience difficulties with this upgrade, please create an issue on our support portal.

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